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Yuja Wang, Teddy Abrams, Louisville Orchestra: The American Project CD

Yuja Wang

Yuja Wang is the brilliant soloist in a piano concerto by a longtime friend of hers: Teddy Abrams. The music director of the Louisville Orchestra, which he conducts here, describes his virtuosic piece as “an opportunity for the piano to guide us through what I think is one of the strengths of American culture, its plurality, its interconnectedness.”


1. You Come Here Often?
2. I. Overture: Swing
3. II. Cadenza I
4. III. Exposition
5. IV. Orchestra Break
6. V. Exploration
7. VI. Cadenza II
8. VII. Relaxed
9. VIII. Solos
10. IX. Cadenza III
11. X. Return: Swing
12. XI. Cadenza IV and Coda

Limited to 4 per customer.