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Various Artists: 100 Great Symphonies Box Set

Various Artists

100 Great Symphonies is a compelling voyage of musical discovery for musicians everywhere a bible of symphonic music and an authoritative listening tool for others. Combined with DG s unrivalled roster of the world s greatest conductors and orchestras, it makes a singularly compelling proposition.

To arrive at 100 Great Symphonies, Deutsche Grammophon asked the public the simple question: What are your favourite symphonies? Over 2,300 people responded, casting over 8,000 votes altogether. The top 50 symphonies in the voter charts form the backbone of this new set. The substantial box 56 CDs contains a huge range of works starting with Giovanni Battista Sammartini and ending with Arvo Pärt and Philip Glass, taking in every major symphonist on the way. It is over 60 hours of glorious, fascinating listening.