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Roger Eno: The Skies, They Shift Like Chords... D2C LP + Signed Artprint

Roger Eno

Roger Eno’s second solo album for Deutsche Grammophon invites listeners to reflect on the nature of sound and silence. The Skies, They Shift Like Chords… contains a dozen tracks that express nostalgia for something lost while projecting a sense of something timeless, like the renewal of the seasons or the rise and fall of the breath.

Signed artprint measures 30cm x 30cm.


1. Chordal Drift
2. Tidescape
3. That Which Is Hidden
4. Illusion
5. Above and Below (Crepuscular)
6. Through The Blue (Crepuscular)
7. Mind The Gap
8. Arms Open Wide
9. Strangely, I Dreamt
10. Japanese Rain Garden
11. If Only For A Moment
12. Where Does This Lead Us?