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Radu Lupu: Radu Lupu Complete Decca Solo Recordings

This collection brings together all of Lupu's published solo recordings for the first time. It features recordings for which Lupu has achieved worldwide acclaim and includes pieces by composers such as Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms, and Schumann. A special bonus is the inclusion of Radu Lupu's first concerto recording - Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto - made in 1970 with the London Symphony under the direction of Lawrence Foster.


CD 1

Ludwig Van Beethoven - 2 Rondos, Op.51

1. I C Major

2. II G Major

Ludwig Van Beethoven - 32 Variations On An Original Theme In C Minor, WoO 80

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Piano Concerto No.3 In C Minor, Op.37

4. I Allegro Con Brio

5. II Largo

6. III Rondo: Allegro

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Piano Sonata No.19 In G Minor, Op.49 No.1

7. I Andante

8. II Rondo: Allegro

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Piano Sonata No.20 In G Major, Op.49 No.2

9. I Allegro Ma Non Troppo

10. II Tempo Di Menuetto

CD 2

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Piano Sonata No.14 In C Sharp Minor, Op.27 No.2 "Moonlight"

1. I Adagio Sostenuto

2. II Allegretto

3. III Presto Agitato

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Piano Sonata No.8 In C Minor, Op.13 "Pathétique"

4. I Grave - Allegro Di Molto E Con Brio

5. II Adagio Cantabile

6. III Rondo: Allegro

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Piano Sonata No.21 In C Major, Op.53 "Waldstein"

7. I Allegro Con Brio

8. II Introduzione: Adagio Molto

9. III Rondo: Allegretto Moderato – Prestissimo

CD 3

Johannes Brahms - Piano Sonata No.3 In F Minor, Op.5

1. I Allegro Maestoso

2. II Andante Espressivo

3. III Scherzo: Allegro Energico

4. IV Intermezzo: Andante Molto

5. V Finale: Allegro Moderato Ma Rubato

Johannes Brahms - Theme And Variations In D Minor (Arranged From String Sextet In B Flat Major, Op.18)

CD 4

Johannes Brahms - 2 Rhapsodies, Op.79

1. I B Minor: Agitato

2. II G Minor: Molto Passionato, Ma Non Troppo Allegro

Johannes Brahms - 3 Intermezzos, Op.117

3. I E Flat Major: Andante Moderato

4. II B Flat Minor: Andante Non Troppo E Con Molta Espressione

5. III C Sharp Minor: Andante Con Moto

Johannes Brahms - 6 Klavierstücke, Op.118

6. I A Minor: Intermezzo: Allegro Non Assai, Ma Molto Passionato

7. II A Major: Intermezzo: Andante Tenerament

8. III G Minor: Ballade: Allegro Energico

9. IV F Minor: Intermezzo: Allegretto Un Poco Agitato

10. V F Major: Romanze: Andante

11. VI E Flat Minor: Intermezzo: Andante, Largo E Mesto

Johannes Brahms - 4 Klavierstücke, Op.119

12. I B Minor: Intermezzo: Adagio

13. II E Minor: Intermezzo: Andantino Un Poco Agitato

14. III C Major: Intermezzo: Grazioso E Giocoso

15. IV E Flat Major: Rhapsodie: Allegro Risoluto

CD 5

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.16 In A Minor, D845

1. I Moderato

2. II Andante, Poco Mosso

3. III Scherzo: Allegro Vivace

4. IV Rondo: Allegro Vivace

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.18 In G Major, D894

5. I Molto Moderato E Cantabile

6. II Andante

7. III Menuetto E Trio: Allegro Moderato

8. IV Allegretto

CD 6

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.5 In A Flat Major, D557

1. I Allegro Moderato

2. II Andante

3. Allegro

Franz Schubert - 2 Scherzos, D593

4. I B Flat Major: Allegretto

5. II D Flat Major_ Allegro Moderato

Franz Schubert - 6 Moments Musicaux, D780

6. I C Major: Moderato

7. II A Flat Major: Andantino

8. III F MInor: Allegro Moderato

9. IV C Sharp Minor: Moderato

10. V F Minor: Allegro Vivace

11. VI A Flat Major: Allegretto

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.19 In C Minor, D958

12. I Allegro

13. II Adagio

14. III Menuetto: Allegro

15. IV Allegro

CD 7

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.20 In A Major, 959

1. I Allegro

2. II Andantino

3. III scherzo: Allegro Vivace

4. IV Rondo: Allegretto

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.14 In A Minor, D784

5. I Allegro Giusto

6. II Andante

7. III Allegro Vivace

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.1 In E Major, D157

8. I Allegro Ma Non Troppo

9. II Andante

10. III Menuetto: Allegro Vivace

CD 8

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.13 In A Major, D664

1. I Allegro Moderato

2. II Andante

3. III Allegro

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata No.21 In B Flat Major, D960

4. I Molto Moderato

5. II Andante Sostenuto

6. III Scherzo: Allegro Vivace Con Delicatezza

7. IV Allegro Ma Non Troppo

CD 9

Franz Schubert - 4 Impromptus, D899

1. I C Minor: Allegro Molto Moderato

2. II E Flat Major: Allegro

3. III G Flat Major: Andante

4. IV Flat Major: Allegretto

Franz Schubert - 4 Impromptus, D935

5. I F Minor: Allegro Moderato

6. II A Flat Major: Allegretto

7. III B Flat Major: Andante

8. IV F Minor: Allegro Scherzando

CD 10

Robert Schumann - Humoreske, Op.20

1. Einfach - Sehr Rasch Und Leicht - Noch Rascher - Erstes Tempo - Wie Im Anfang

2. Hastig - Nach Und Nach Immer Lebhafter Und Stärker - Wie Vorher - Adagio

3. Einfach Und Zart - Intermezzo

4. Innig

5. Sehr Lebhaft - Stretto - Mit Einigem Pomp

6. Zum Beschluss - Adagio - Allegro

Robert Schumann - Kinderszenen = Scenes From Childhood, Op.15

7. I Of Foreigh lands And People

8. II A Strange Story

9. III Catch-as-catch-can

10. IV Pleading Child

11. V Happy Enough

12. VI An Important Event

13. VII Dreaming

14. VIII By The Fire-side

15. IX Knight Of The Hobby-horse

16. X Almost Too Serious

17. XI Frightening

18. XII Child Falling Asleep

19. XIII The Poet Speaks

Robert Schumann - Kreisleriana, Op.16

20. I Äußerst Bewegt

21. II Sehr Innig Und Nicht Zu Rasch

22. III Sehr Aufgeregt

23. IV Sehr Langsam

24. V Sehr Lebhaft

25. VI Sehr Langsam

26. VII Sehr Rasch

27. VIII Schnell Und Spielend

Boxset Dimensions: 5.24"x1.01"x5.06"