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Pierre Boulez - Boulez Conducts Stravinsky

This 6-CD set gathers together for the first time all of Pierre Boulez's Stravinsky recordings on Deutsche Grammophon. It includes the three great "Russian" ballets: Firebird, Petrushka, and the Rite of Spring - with two of the world's greatest orchestras, Chicago and Cleveland, as well as a "symphonies" disc recorded with the Berlin Philharmonic. Two discs of solo, chamber, and vocal works, featuring the virtuoso Ensemble InterContemporain (founded by Boulez) complete the set.


CD 1 – Stravinsky: The Firebird; Fireworks; 4 Studies

Igor Stravinsky – The Firebird (L'oiseau de feu) - Ballet (1910)

1. Introduction

2. Kashchei's Enchanted Garden

3. Appearance Of The Firebird Pursued By Ivan Tsarevich

4. Dance Of The Firebird

5. Ivan Tsarevich Captures The Firebird

6. Supplication Of The Firebird

7. Game Of The Princesses With The Golden Apples

8. Sudden Appearance Of Ivan Tsarevich

9. Round Dance Of The Princesses

10. Daybreak

11. Magic Carillon, Appearance Of Kashchei's Guardian Monsters And Capture Of Ivan Tsarevich

12. Dance Of Kashchei's Retinue Under The Spell Of The Firebird

13. Infernal Dance Of All Kashchei's Subject's

14. Lullaby Of The Firebird

15. Collapse Of Kashchei's Palace And Dissolution Of All Enchantments - Reanimation Of The Petrified Prisoners - General Rejoicing

16. Igor Stravinsky – Fireworks

Igor Stravinsky – 4 Etudes For Orchestra

17. Danse

18. Excentrique

19. Cantique

20. Madrid

CD 2 – Stravinsky: Pétrouchka; Le Sacre Du Printemps

Igor Stravinsky – Petrouchka / Tableau I

1. Fête populaire de la semaine grasse

Igor Stravinsky – Petrouchka / Tableau II

2. Chez Pétrouchka

Igor Stravinsky – Petrouchka / Tableau III

3. Chez le Maure

Igor Stravinsky – Petrouchka / Tableau IV

4 .Fête populaire de la semaine grasse, le soir

Igor Stravinsky – Le Sacre du Printemps

5. Tableau I: L'Adoration de la terre

6. Tableau II: Le sacrifice

CD 3 – Stravinsky: Le Chant Du Rossignol; L'Histoire Du Soldat; Scherzo Fantastique; Le Roi Des Étoiles

1. Igor Stravinsky – Scherzo Fantastique, Op.3

2. Igor Stravinsky – Le Roi des étoiles

Igor Stravinsky – Le Chant Du Rossignol Poème Symphonique For Orchestra

3. Chant du Rossignol

4. Marche chinoise

5. Chant du Rossignol

6. Jeu du Rossignol mécanique

Igor Stravinsky – Histoire Du Soldat - Concert Suite / Part 1

7. The Soldier's March

8. Music To Scene I

9. Music To Scene II

Igor Stravinsky – Histoire Du Soldat - Concert Suite / Part 2

10. The Royal March

11. The Little Concert

12. Three Dances (Tango-Waltz-Ragtime)

13. The Devil's Dance

14. Great Choral

15. Triumphant March Of The Devil

CD 4 – Stravinsky: Symphony Of Psalms; Symphony In Three Movements; Symphonies Of Wind Instruments

1. Igor Stravinsky – Symphonies For Wind Instruments

Igor Stravinsky – Symphonie De Psaumes

2. Exaudi Orationem Meam, Domine

3. Expectans Expectavi Dominum

4. Alleluia, Laudate Dominum

Igor Stravinsky – Symphony In 3 Movements

5. Allegro

6. Andante - Interlude (L'istesso Tempo)

7. Con Moto

CD 5 – Stravinsky: Ebony Concerto; 3 Pieces For Clarinet Solo; Concertino For String Quartet; 8 Instrumental Miniatures; Concerto "Dumbarton Oaks"; Elegy For Viola Solo; Epitaphium; Double Canon For String Quartet

Igor Stravinsky – Ebony Concerto

1. Allegro moderato - Andante - Moderato - Con moto - Moderato - Vivo

2. Igor Stravinsky – 3 Pieces For Clarinet Solo

3. Igor Stravinsky – Concertino For String Quartet

4. Igor Stravinsky – 8 Instrumental Miniatures For 15 Players (1962)

Igor Stravinsky – Concerto In E Flat "Dumbarton Oaks"

5. Tempo giusto

6. Allegretto

7. Con moto

8. Igor Stravinsky – Elégie For Viola Solo

9. Igor Stravinsky – Epitaphium

10. Igor Stravinsky – Double Canon For String Quartet

CD 6 – Stravinsky: Songs

Igor Stravinsky – Pastorale

1. Song Without Words For Voice And Four Wind Instruments

Igor Stravinsky – Two Poems By Paul Verlaine - Russian Translation By S. Mtusov

2. Gdye v lunnom svyetye (The White Moon)

3. Mrachniye sny (Wisdom)

Igor Stravinsky – Two Poems By Konstantin Bal'mont

4. Nyezabudochka-tsvyetochek (The Flower)

5. Golub' (The Dove)

Igor Stravinsky – Three Japanese Lyrics

6. Akahito

7. Mazatsumi

8. Tsaraiuki

Igor Stravinsky – Three Songs (Recollections Of My Childhood)

9. Sorochenka (The Magpie)

10. Vorona (The Rock)

11. Chicher-Yacher

Igor Stravinsky – Pribaoutki (Four Songs)

12. Kornilo (Uncle Pierre)

13. Natashka (Natasha)

14. Polkovnik (The Colonel)

15. Staryets i zayats (The Old Man And The Hare)

Igor Stravinsky – Four Cat's Cradle Songs - Sung In Russian

16. Spi, kot (Sleep, Pussy)

17. Kot na pyechi (The Cat On The Stove)

18. Bai-bai (Lullaby)

19. U kota, kota (Father Cat Has...)

Igor Stravinsky – Four Songs - Sung In Russian

20. Sylezyen

21. Syektanskaya (A Russian Spiritual)

22. Gusi y lyebyedi (Geese And Swans)

23. Tilim-bom

Igor Stravinsky – Tilim-Bom

24. Tilimbom, tilimbom

Igor Stravinsky – Mavra - Opera Buffa In 1 Act - Sung In Russian

25. Song Of Parasha "Droog moi mily"

Igor Stravinsky – Three Songs From William Shakespeare

26. Music To Hear

27. Full Fadom Five

28. Spring (When Dasies Pied)

Igor Stravinsky – In Memoriam Dylan Thomas

29. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Igor Stravinsky – Elegy For John F. Kennedy

30. When A Just Man Dies

Hugo Wolf – Spanisches Liederbuch - Arr. Igor Stravinsky

31. Herr, was trägt der Boden hier.. (Lord, What Does The Ground Here Bear?)

32. Wunden trägst du.. (Thou Art Wounded)

Boxset Dimensions: 6.08"x0.64"x5.39"