Nik Bärtsch: Entendre CD


Ships on: July 29, 2024

Solo Album From the Swiss Pianist, Composer & Conceptualist Best Known as Leader of the Bands Ronin and Mobile, Entendre Offers Deeper Insight Into Nik B„rtch's Musical Thinking. As the Album Title Implies Entendre Is About Hearing as a Creative Process, Referencing the Patient Unfolding of B„rtch's Modular Polymetric Pieces, With Alertness to the Dynamics of Touch, Finding Freedom in Aesthetic Restriction, Serving the Flow of Each Piece's Development While Also Taking the Music to New Places.

1 Modul 58_12
2 Modul 55
3 Modul 26
4 Modul 13
5 Modul 5
6 Déjà-vu, Vienna