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Mivos Quartet, Steve Reich: The String Quartets 2LP

Mivos Quartet

Mivos Quartet is the first group to record and release all three Reich quartets on a single album. As long-time collaborator with Steve Reich, Reich is enthusiastically supporting this project. The definitive recording of these influential works by one of the world’s leading composers of our times. The Mivos Quartet, “one of America’s most daring and ferocious new-music ensembles” (The Chicago Reader), is devoted to performing the works of contemporary composers, presenting new music to diverse audiences.


Side A
1. WTC 9/11: I. 9/11/01
2. WTC 9/11: II. 2010
3. WTC 9/11: III. WTC

Side B
4. Triple Quartet: I
5. Triple Quartet: II
6. Triple Quartet: III


Side C
7. Different Trains: I. America - Before the war
8. Different Trains: II. Europe - During the war

Side D
9. Different Trains: III. After the war