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Max Richter, Grace Davidson, Ben Russell: SLEEP: Tranquility Base Yellow LP

Max Richter

On SLEEP: Tranquility Base, composer Max Richter reworks material from his celebrated eight-hour magnum opus SLEEP.

Referencing the 1969 moon landing site in the title, Tranquility Base offers a glimpse at the original material from a more electronic perspective.

“The original things which made us want to make SLEEP was a sense of being oversaturated – with data, with information – overstimulated… All of that is just worse now. There’s more of the same, and much more of the same, and that makes the piece continually relevant.”

This vinyl release also includes remixes by renowned German sound artist Alva Noto and electronic music artist Kelly Lee Owens.

Yellow Vinyl Edition.


Side A
1. Tranquility Base – Pt. 1

Side B
1. Tranquility Base – Pt. 2
2. Alva Noto Remodel Edit
3. Kelly Lee Owens Remix

Please note that each vinyl is unique and the colors may appear slightly different from the image displayed.