Mason/Bloxham/London Mozart Player: Mendelssohn Digital Album


A digital copy of Mendelssohn will be delivered via email on August 9th, 2024. 

Digital downloads are delivered as MP3 44.1KHZ/24-BIT Audio Files.

Please note: Digital downloads are not available to customers outside the U.S.

"It was important to me when making a Mendelssohn album to include both Fanny and Felix. It's only in the last few decades that we've started to hear what Fanny was composing – it's amazing music, and I'm glad to be playing it.” -Isata Kanneh-Mason

Piano Concerto No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 25
1. I. Molto allegro con fuoco
2. II. Andante
3. III. Presto – Molto allegro e vivace
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Op. 61
4. Scherzo (Transcr. Rachmaninoff for Piano)
5. Nocturne (Transcr. Moszkowski for Piano)
6. Mendelssohns Lieder, S. 547: I. Auf Flügeln des Gesanges (After Op. 34/2)
Lieder ohne Worte VI, Op. 67:
7. II. Allegro leggiero, MWV U145 "Lost Illusions"
8. VI. Allegretto non troppo, MWV U188 "Cradle Song"
9. Notturno in G Minor, H-U 337
10. I. Allegro assai moderato
11. II. Largo e molto espresso – Poco più mosso
12. III. Scherzo. Allegretto
13. IV. Allegro con strepito