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Ludovico Einaudi: Undiscovered Vol.2 2CD

Ludovico Einaudi

Ground-breaking composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi announces the release of a new collection of hidden gems from his rich and extensive back catalogue. Following on from 2020’s Vol 1, Undiscovered Vol 2 contains tracks hand-picked from Ludovico, including tracks never before made available physically, including a new solo piano version of Experience, his globally beloved track.


1. Lady Labyrinth (Nightbook (Exclusive))
2. Canzone Africana IV (I Giorni)
3. Ascolta (Divenire (Deluxe Edition))
4. The Room (Cloudland)
5. Julia (Eden Roc)
6. Dolce Droga (Una Mattina)
7. Laissez Moi En Paix (Diario Mali)
8. Ascent - Day 4 (Seven Days Walking)
9. Password (Eden Roc)

1. Monday (Divenire (Deluxe Edition))
2. Song for Gavin (Elements (Deluxe))
3. Bever (In a Time Lapse)
4. DNA (Una Mattina)
5. Stella del mattino (I Giorni)
6. Experience (Solo Piano)
7. Limbo (I Giorni)
8. Nuvole Nere (Una Mattina)
9. Bella Notte (I Giorni)
10. Walk (Phaeleh Remix) (In a Time lapse (Deluxe))