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Ludovico Einaudi: In A Time Lapse (Special Edition) 3LP

Ludovico Einaudi

To mark the 10th anniversary of the release this special edition triple gatefold vinyl features all 14 tracks from the original album, 5 bonus tracks which were only ever released on iTunes and all 7 official remixes including the Starkey remix of "Experience" which was used in a global British Airways synch and “Circles”, a vocal version of "Experience."


Side A
1. Corale 
2. Time Lapse 
3. Life 
4. Run 
5. Walk 

Side B
1. Brothers 
2. Orbits 
3. Two Trees 
4. Waterways 

Side A
1. Newton’s Cradle 
2. Discovery At Night 
3. Experience 
4. Underwood 

Side B
1. Burning 
2. Bever 
3. The Dark Bank Of Clouds 
4. Sarabande 
5. Ronald’s Dream 

Side A
1. Circles (Based on ‘Experience’) – Great Svabo Bech 
2. Time Lapse (Steven Siegel eemix) 
3. Walk (Starkey remix) 
4. Walk (phaeleh remix) 

Side B
1. Experience (Starkey remix) 
2. Time Lapse (Dot Major remix)
3. Discovery At Night (Robert Lippok remix)