Ludovico Einaudi: Eden Roc CD


Ships on: July 22, 2024

Released in 1999, Eden Roc starts with deeply moody atmospherics akin to those found in film soundtracks, before moving through a wide range of different moods weaving between songs more familiar in pop sounding records. The record contains the sing Due Tramonti, which contains beautifully lyrical melodies from the Cello of Marco Decimo.

1. Yerevan
2. Eden Roc
3. Fuori Dalla Notte
4. Due Tramonti
5. Nefeli
6. Odessa
7. Ultimi Fuochi
8. Fiorni Dispari
9. Julia
10. Fuori Dal Mondo
11. Ultimi Fuochi II
12. Un Mondo A Par
13. Password
14. Yerevan II
15. Exit