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Hania Rani, Dobrawa Czocher: Biała Flaga 2LP

Features new artwork + additional bonus track 'Chwile'. The stunningly beautiful and meditative album, which gains its strength in the delicate interplay between the cello and the piano, contains ten arrangements of Grzegorz Ciechowski by Hania in the mix with five original compositions written by Hania.

The Polish rock musician and film composer, Ciechowski, was born in Dobrawa's hometown Tczew. The 29-year old cellist captures the atmosphere influenced by their common roots in her instruments and gives this album its special note. Though, this album was a spontaneous project, it has become a huge part in Hani's and Dobrawa's musical lives among their strict classical repertoire.


Side A 
1. Mamona
2. Biała Flaga
3. Preludium C-Moll
4. Odchodząc

Side B 
1. Republica Marzeń
2. Intermezzo F-Moll
3. Telefony
4. Śmierć Na Pięć

Side C 
1. Intermezzo Cis-Moll
2. Obcy Astronom
3. Nie Pokonasz Miłości
4. Preludium Es-Dur

Side D 
1. Nie Pytajo Polskę
2 Tak Tak To Ja
3 Preludium G-Moll
4. Chwile