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Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra - Sibelius: The Symphonies; Tone Poems

Neeme Jarvi's partnership with the Gothenburg orchestra is "a living legend in Nordic music" - Daily Telegraph (London). All the Sibelius masterpieces from a superb orchestra that he himself conducted. "Exciting, passionate [No.1]... Impressive drive and drama [No.2]... a refreshing, vital interpretation [No.3]... Tremendous power [No.4]... Very impressive [No.5]... The sonics are very good (Classics Today [Symphonies]). "A superior Sibelius anthology, crowned by a thoughtful Tapiola studded with stimulating detail... Soile Isokoski is magnificent [in Luonnotar]... The DG recording is quite exemplary (Gramophone [Tone-poems]). 7 CDs.


CD 1

Symphony No.1 in E minor, Op.39

1. Andante, ma non troppo - Allegro energico

2. Andante (ma non troppo lento)

3. Scherzo (Allegro)

4. Finale (Quasi una fantasia)

Symphony No.7 in C, Op.105

5. Adagio

6. Vivacissimo - Adagio

7. Allegro molto moderato - Allegro moderato

8. Vivace - Presto - Adagio - Largamente molto - Affettuoso

CD 2

Symphony No.2 In D, Op.43

1. Allegretto

2. Tempo andante, ma rubato - Andante sostenuto

3. Vivacissimo - Lento e suave - Largamente

4. Finale (Allegro moderato)

CD 3

Symphony No.3 in C, Op.52

1. Allegro moderato

2. Andantino con moto, quasi allegretto

3. Moderato - Allegro (ma non tanto

Symphony No.4 in A minor, Op.63

4. Tempo molto moderato, quasi adagio

5. Allegro molto vivace

6. Il tempo largo

7. Allegro

CD 4

Symphony No.5 In E Flat, Op.82

1. Tempo molto moderato - Allegretto

2. Andante mosso, quasi allegretto

3. Allegro molto

Symphony No.6 in D minor, Op.104

4. Allegro molto moderato

5. Allegretto moderato

6. Poco vivace

7. Allegro molto

CD 5

Karelia Suite, Op.11

1. Intermezzo (Moderato)

2. Ballade (Tempo di menuetto)

3. Alla marcia (Moderato)

Luonnotar, Op. 70

Andante Festivo

The Oceanides. Tone Poem For Orchestra, Op. 73

King Christian, Op.27 - Suite

7. Nocturne: Molto Moderato

8. 2a. Elegie: Andante sostenuto

9. 2b. Musette: Allegretto

10. Serenade: Moderato assai (Quasi menuetto)

11. Ballade: Allegro molto - Vivace

Finlandia, Op.26, No.7

12. Andante sostenuto - Allegro moderato - Allegro

CD 6

Pohjolas Daughter, Op.49

Nightride And Sunrise, Op.55 (1909)

Lemminkäinen Suite op.22

3. Lemminkäinen and the Island Maidens

4. The Swan Of Tuonela

5. Lemminkäinen in Tuonela

6. Lemminkäinen's return

CD 7

1. En Saga, Op.9

2. Spring Song - Symphonic Poem Op.16

3. Valse triste, Op. 44

4. Kurkikotaus, Op.44, No.2 - From Incidental Music To Kuolema

5. Canzonetta, Op.62a - From Incidental Music To Kuolema

6. Valse romantique, Op.62b - From Incidental Music To Kuolema

7. The Bard - Symphonic Poem, Op.64

8. Tapiola, Op.112

Boxset Dimensions: 5.32"x0.75"x5.35"