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Daniel Barenboim: Chopin Nocturnes 2LP

Daniel Barenboim

Daniel Barenboim recorded all the Chopin Nocturnes in 1982 to great critical acclaim. The resulting album has become one of his most important recordings. To celebrate this milestone, Deutsche Grammophon will re-release a 2-LP vinyl gatefold edition mastered from the original source and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.


Side A
1. Nocturne No.1 In B Flat Minor, Op.9 No.1
2. Nocturne No.2 in E flat, Op.9 No.2
3. Nocturne No.3 In B, Op.9 No.3
4. Nocturne No.4 In F, Op.15 No.1
5. Nocturne No.5 In F Sharp, Op.15 No.2
6. Nocturne No.6 In G Minor, Op.15 No.3

Side B
1. Nocturne No.7 In C Sharp Minor, Op.27 No.1
2. Nocturne No.8 In D Flat, Op.27 No.2
3. Nocturne No.9 In B, Op.32 No.1
4. Nocturne No.10 In A Flat, Op.32 No.2
5. Nocturne No.11 In G Minor, Op.37 No.1

Side C
1. Nocturne No.12 In G, Op.37 No.2
2. Nocturne No.13 In C Minor, Op.48 No.1
3. Nocturne No.14 In F Sharp Minor, Op.48 No.2
4. Nocturne No.15 In F Minor, Op.55 No.1
5. Nocturne No.16 In E Flat, Op.55 No.2

Side D
1. Nocturne No.17 In B, Op.62 No.1
2. Nocturne No.18 In E, Op.62 No.2
3. Nocturne No.19 In E Minor, Op.72 No.1
4. Nocturne No.20 In C Sharp Minor, Op.posth.
5. Nocturne No.21 In C Minor, Op.posth.