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Chad Lawson: Where We Are CD

Chad Lawson

With Where We Are, Chad Lawson draws inspiration from the conversations and shared vulnerabilities of countless individuals who have found solace in his music and podcast during their most challenging times. The album represents a journey from solitude to solidarity—from individual experiences to shared realities. These songs form a musical sanctuary, crafted to meet you wherever you are in life and offer a gentle reprieve. Where We Are is more than an album; it's a call to unite, heal, and inspire a sense of community through music.


1. Of Wonder
2. Sanctuary
3. The Hope of Her
4. Like the Stars in the Sky
5. In Another Place
6. Where Dreams Softly Sigh
7. Serenade in A Minor
8. I Know it Will
9. Solace
10. What Only the Heart Knows
11. Gentle