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Bruce Liu: Waves: Music by Rameau • Ravel • Alkan 2LP

Bruce Liu

For his first album as an exclusive Deutsche Grammophon artist, 2021 International Chopin Competition winner Bruce Liu – “a pianist with a captivating musical personality” (Financial Times) – has compiled an enthralling survey of 200 years of French keyboard music, from Baroque to modern. The phenomenal young Canadian pianist has subtly adjusted the action of his instrument to highlight the differing musical styles. Gramophone’s reviewer acclaimed DG’s release of Liu’s Warsaw competition performances as “one of the most distinguished Chopin recitals of recent years, full of maturity, character and purpose”. The album’s title Waves alludes not only to the nature theme that runs throughout the program, but also to the sheer spontaneity of Liu’s music-making.


Side A
1. Rameau: Gavotte et six doubles, RCT 5/7
2. Alkan: No. 6, Barcarolle [Recueil de chants, Op. 65]
3. Rameau: Les sauvages, RCT 6/14
4. Ravel: No. 1, Noctuelles [Miroirs, M. 43]
5. Ravel: No. 2, Oiseaux tristes [Miroirs, M. 43]

Side B
1. Ravel: No. 3, Une barque sur l'océan [Miroirs, M. 43]
2. Ravel: No. 4, Alborada del gracioso [Miroirs, M. 43]
3. Ravel: No. 5, La vallée des cloches [Miroirs, M. 43]

Side A
1. Alkan: No. 12, Le festin d'Ésope [12 Etudes in All the Minor Keys, Op. 39]
2. Rameau: Les tendres plaintes—Rondeau, RCT 3/1
3. Rameau: Les cyclopes—Rondeau, RCT 3/8
4. Rameau: Menuets, RCT 6/3-4
5. Rameau: La poule, RCT 6/12

Side B
1. Satie: No. 1, Lent [Gnossiennes]
2. Satie: No. 2, Avec étonnement [Gnossiennes]
3. Satie: No. 3, Lent [Gnossiennes]
4. Satie: No. 4, Lent [Gnossiennes]
5. Satie: No. 5, Modéré [Gnossiennes]
6. Satie: No. 6, Avec conviction et avec une tristesse rigoureuse [Gnossiennes]