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Berliner Philharmoniker - Dvořák: The 9 Symphonies

From its uniquely rich catalogue Deutsche Grammophon presents outstanding recordings of the great classical masterpieces. Offering unbeatable value for money, the Deutsche Grammophon COLLECTORS EDITION is the ideal way of building up a comprehensive library of essential repertoire.


CD 1

Symphony No.1 in C Minor, Op.3, B.9 - "The Bells of Zlonice"
1. Maestoso - Allegro
2. Adagio di molto
3. Allegretto
4. Finale (Allegro animato)
Symphony No.4 in D Minor, Op.13, B.41
5. Allegro
6. Andante sostenuto e molto cantabile

CD 2
Symphony No.4 In D Minor, Op.13, B.41
1. Scherzo (Allegro feroce)
2. Finale (Allegro con brio)
Symphony No.2 In B Flat Major, Op.4, B.12
3. Allegro con moto
4. Poco adagio
5. Scherzo (Allegro con brio)
6. Finale (Allegro con fuoco)

CD 3
Symphony No.3 In E Flat Major, Op.10, B.34
1. Allegro moderato
2. Adagio molto, tempo di marcia
3. Finale (Allegro vivace)
Symphony No.5 In F Major, Op.76, B.54
4. Allegro, ma non troppo
5. Andante con moto
6. Andante con moto - Allegro scherzando

CD 4
Symphony No.5 In F Major, Op.76, B.54
1. Allegro molto
Symphony No.6 In D Major, Op.60, B.112
2. Allegro non tanto
3. Adagio
4. Scherzo (Furiant: Presto)
5. Finale (Allegro con spirito)
Scherzo capriccioso, Op.66

CD 5
Symphony No.7 In D Minor, Op.70, B.141
1. Allegro maestoso
2. Poco adagio
3. Scherzo (Vivace)
4. Finale (Allegro)
Symphony No.8 In G, Op.88, B. 163
5. Allegro con brio
6. Adagio
7. Allegretto grazioso - Molto vivace
8. Allegro ma non troppo

CD 6
Carnival Overture, Op.92, B.169
The Wood Dove, Op.110
Symphony No.9 In E Minor, Op.95, B.178 - "From The New World"
3. Adagio - Allegro molto
4. Largo
5. Scherzo (Molto vivace)
6. Allegro con fuoco

Boxset Dimensions: 5.12"x0.74"x5.23"