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Benjamin MacDougall: Godfall: Fire & Darkness (Original Video Game Soundtrack) LP

Decca Records US are proud to present the original soundtrack to the fantasy action role-playing video game GODFALL: Fire & Darkness, developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. The game's suitably epic and expansive soundtrack was composed by LA-based composer Ben MacDougall.

GODFALL: Fire & Darkness is an expansion to the video game GODFALL, a fantasy action RPG that utilizes high-impact third-person melee combat to engage players as they hunt for loot, don legendary armor sets, and defeat vicious enemies. As players face challenging missions in the world of GODFALL, enemies and bosses will reward players with head-turning loot as they are vanquished.

The Fire & Darkness expansion takes players to the obsidian peaks and azure magma rivers of the Fire Realm, where they will travel to challenge Moirax and the Flameblood Tribe.

A graduate of the Royal College of Music in London, Ben MacDougall is a prolific composer for film, TV and video games. His rich and diverse portfolio enjoys airtime on prime-time networks and has been featured on high-profile global TV events, as well as countless franchises, campaigns and AAA studio projects.

Side A
1. Embers Of War
2. Flameblood Plateau
3. The Light Fades
4. Crystalline Pass
5. Ashengod
6. The Last Warlord
7. Fire And Darkness

Side B
1. The Black Flame
2. Blighted Earth
3. Dark Water
4. Shrouded Air
5. Broken Fire
6. Light Of Ascension

Please note that each vinyl is unique and the colors may appear slightly different from the image displayed.