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Benjamin Britten: Britten War Requiem 2CD

Benjamin Britten

Decca Classics is proud to mark the 60th anniversary of Britten’s 1963 recording of his War Requiem with a new high-definition transfer of this double GRAMMY Award-winning album. The product suite includes an audiophile vinyl edition mastered at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios; Hybrid SACD; and a Dolby Atmos eAlbum release. Benjamin Britten's War Requiem remains a powerful testament to the enduring impact of war on humanity.


CD 1
1. Requiem aeternam
2. Requiem aeternam Chorus
3. What Passing Bells for These who die as Cattle? Tenor II. Dies irae
4. Dies irae Chorus
5. Bugles Sang, Saddening the Evening Air Baritone
6. Liber Scriptus Soprano
7. Out there, We've Walked quite Friendly up to Death Tenor & Baritone
8. Recordare Jesu pie Chorus
9. Be Slowly Lifted Up Baritone
10. Dies irae Chorus
11. Lacrimosa dies illa Soprano & Chorus
12. Move Him into the Sun Tenor III. Offertorium
13. Domine Jesu Christe
14. So Abram Rose, and Clave the Wood IV. Sanctus
15. Sanctus Soprano & Chorus
16. After the Blast of Lightning from the East Baritone V. Agnus Dei
17. One ever Hangs Where Shelled Roads Part Tenor & chorus VI. Libera me
18. Libera me, Domine Chorus
19. It Seemed that out of Battle I Escaped Tenor
20. Let Us Sleep Now ... In Paradisum Baritone, Tenor, Boys, Soprano & Chorus

CD 2
These recordings were made using the courtesy microphone by the conductor’s Podium and a microphone in the producer’s control room. Hence the sound is mono.
1. Requiem aeternam – Rehearsal
2. Dies irae – Rehearsal of the opening section
3. Dies irae – Discussion in the control room between Britten and Galina Vishnevskaya (via her interpreter), then between John Culshaw and Galina Vishnevskaya
4. Dies irae – Rehearsal of end of movement
5. Offertorium – Rehearsal
6. Sanctus – Rehearsal
7. Sanctus – Discussion in the control room between Britten and Galina Vishnevskaya (via her interpreter)
8. Agnus Dei – Discussion in the control room between Britten, Peter Pears and John Culshaw
9. Libera me – Discussion in the control room between Britten and John Culshaw
10. Libera me – Rehearsal
11. Libera me – Rehearsal of closing page
12. Closing remarks