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Joep Beving: Hermetism 2LP

Joep Beving

With his 4th Solo Album on Deutsche Grammophon, Joep returns to his roots with a pure piano solo album showcasing the composer’s unique musical language – melancholic yet optimistic. “The music is stripped back nostalgic piano. Sometimes minimal, sometimes romantic, sometimes improvised. There's also this ambition to present new piano music to the world. Music that is timeless, feels familiar, is simple but not superficial or uninspired.” – Joep Beving

Side A:
1. La fee verte
2. For Mark
3. Nocturnal
4. Paris s'enflamme

Side B:
5. Last Dance
6. Accent Grave
7. Dervish

Side C:
8. Mushin
9. Little Waltz
10. TFV
11. transfiguration

Side D:
12. Roses