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Carlos Simon: Together CD

Carlos Simon

Grammy nominated composer Carlos Simon demonstrates his versatility as he composes, improvises, conducts, curates and performs on this intimate studio album. “Being a composer can be a very lonely profession, so I set out bring my closest friends and collaborators to enjoy the practice of music making. It is a coming together after being separated for so long. It is a coming together to share new ideas and experiences through music. It is a coming together to heal and to help others. It is a coming together to sharpen one another.” – Carlos Simon

1. Prayer (Gather Up)
2. Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Arr. Simon for Piano)
3. Amazing Grace (Arr. Simon for Violin and Piano)
4. Near the Cross
5. Loop
6. Memory of Summer
7. Warmth from Other Suns: Settle
8. Angels in Heaven
9. Traveling Song
10. Between Worlds